Photo: Roseville Area High School, Music and Performing Arts

The Roseville Arts Council was, and is, an independent nonprofit organization founded in 1984. Its purpose was to support a variety of arts initiatives and groups in this area. It worked with the city of Roseville in organizing and promoting Arts @the OVAL, Pottery in the Garden and Sculpture in the Park. It also helped to launch new arts groups such as the Roseville String Ensemble, for which it served as fiscal agent in the orchestra's early years. 

After a multi-year hiatus, Roseville Arts Council is re-organizing, under new leadership, as Arts Roseville which will continue the work begun by Roseville Arts Council, bring new ideas and energy, and engage all of Roseville's diverse communities.


Our Mission

Advancing arts, creativity, and community in Roseville


  • We love art in all its forms.

  • Art is essential to the community.

  • Art belongs to everyone and can be made and appreciated by all.


  • Build engagement with Arts Roseville that reflects the full diversity of our community.

    Develop and promote artistic opportunities in Roseville.    

  • Ensure that the creation and enjoyment of art is accessible to all.

Arts Roseville Board of Directors
Jim Dryden - Chair
Kathy Macomber - Vice Chair
Ross Willits - Treasurer
Eden Bart - Secretary
Jancyn Bindman
Jevon Bindman
Wayne Groff
Karen Rajcic Favazza
Robert Murphy
Kara Newby
Thomas Willicombe